GBS - Girideepam Business School


MBA is typically a two-year program that aims to make the student proficient in various subjects of management. In the first year of MBA the main focus is on giving students a brief idea about various subjects of management. Towards the end of the first year students are introduced to the specialized areas. GBS offers dual specialization for their students

In the second year of MBA, students have to choose specialization from the variety of specializations available. It is very important for student to consider their career goals and professional development before choosing a specialization. GBS offers the following specialization.


  • MBA in finance prepares you in various subjects, such as costing, management accounting and control, budgeting, management of financial services, financial derivatives, portfolio management, etc. The course will emphasize various aspects of financial theories, identification of best managerial practices in the area. After studying these subjects, the graduate becomes specialized in financial management, enabling him or her to work in the finance department of any organization.

    • Cost & Management Accounting
    • Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
    • Corporate Restructuring
    • Bank Management
    • Financial Derivatives
    • International Finance & Forex Management
    • Corporate Taxation
    • Management of Financial Services
    • Rural Economy & Micro Finance
    • Risk Management & Insurance Services


  • MBA in marketing is very dynamic and competitive. MBA in marketing will help enhance one’s skills & knowledge in the field of marketing, advertising, public relations, etc. It prepares students for marketing careers by giving them an in-depth understanding of the concepts, tools and practices associated with modern marketing This specialization can help accelerate entry and progress in some of the most competitive fields: marketing, advertising and public relations.

    • Agro-Business & Rural Marketing
    • Integrated Marketing Communications
    • Product & Brand Management
    • Retail Business Management
    • Services Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Marketing of Hospitality & Tourism
    • Marketing Research


  • MBA in human resources (HR) teaches you the kind of skills managers need in order to bring in and retain a strong workforce, from initial recruitment to the effective training and development of employees.This MBA can lead to a key role managing a company’s most important asset – its people.

    • Training & Development
    • Performance & Talent Management
    • Competency Mapping
    • Managing Organisational Change & Development
    • Compensation Management
    • Global Human Resources Management
    • Counseling Skills for Managers
    • Industrial Relations & Labour Law
    • Managing Interpersonal & Group Process
    • Human Resources Information System


  • MBA in Production is designed to educate & develop managers who can effectively manage raw material, machinery and labor of an organization to produce the desired goods or services along with taking care of quality and quantity of the products so produced. There are numerous job openings for production managers as a result of the rapid growth of manufacturing and services sectors.

    • Supply Chain Management
    • Total Quality Management
    • Materials & Purchase Management
    • Advanced Project Management
    • Management of Technology & Innovation
    • World Class Manufacturing
    • Service Operations Management
    • Industrial Safety & Occupational Health
    • Global Operations & Logistics Management
    • Operations Strategy


  • In this technologically advanced world, no business can run without solid IT support. MBA in IT is designed to educate & develop managers who can effectively manage the planning, design, selection, implementation, usage and administration of emerging and converging information and communications technologies.

    • System Analysis & Design
    • E-Business
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Information Security Management
    • Software Quality Management
    • Cloud Computing
    • Decision Support System
    • Software Project Management
    • Database Management
    • E-Business Strategy


  • MBA in international business will commonly cover a variety of issues affecting global business including: Understanding globalization and cross-cultural differences; the process of doing business in emerging markets; managing a multinational enterprise; and the role of multinational organizations in social and environmental issues.

    • International Economics
    • International Financial System
    • International Marketing
    • Import / Export Policies & Procedures
    • Global Trade Practices
    • International Human Resource Management
    • International Economic Organisations
    • International Logistics & Supply Chain Management
    • International Trade Promotion Strategies
    • World Economic Geography