GBS - Girideepam Business School

Principal's Message

The desire to stand out from an anonymous group is inherent in all of us. To this end one has to find out the means of discovering one’s own identity. The mundane world in which we live today is limited by time and space and hardly do we get time to know or to esteem ourselves. Characterised by the tremendous growth of science and technology, the world is made of wonders. The biggest wonder is the individual man/woman. Whether small or big, it is an art and science to manage these wonders. Hence the need for learning management. The great man Kautilyan has stated in his book ,

“ ARTHSHASTRA” that management is simply developing the basic qualities of man. We are engaged in developing the qualities of young people because GIAL is always In Pursuit of Excellence.

Prof.Dr. Abraham Sebastian
M.Com, LL.B, Ph.D