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EMPERIO 2K18 NATIONAL LEVEL MANAGEMENT FEST was organized by GIAL/GBS on 19/01/2018. The fest was spread over one day and covered 11 striking events - three PG events, two UG events and six common events. The three PG events were Diamond Leo (Best Manager Competition), Emerald Owl (Finance Game) and Amber Jackals (Marketing Game). The Two UG events were Peridot Pride (Best Management Team) and Amethyst Bees ( Event Management Team). The six common events were Tourmaline Piranhas(3 x 3 Football), Feldspar Meerkats (Football Auction), Turquoise Spiders (Networking Game), The Opal Peacock (Spot Dance), Citrine Falcon (Trailer Making) and Pearl Predators (Treasure Hunt). Emperio offered the students to grab 1.3Lakh worth prizes from these events. Students from various Management, Arts and Science colleges participated in the various events of the Management Fest. The chief guest of EMPERIO 2K18 was Ad film maker/Actor Mr. Sijoy Varghese