GBS - Girideepam Business School


Our Founder

Servant of God
Arch Bishop Geevarghese Mar Ivanios OIC


  • The promotion of high standards of holistic professional education in Pursuit of Excellence, catering to the needs of our students, for the peace and prosperity of our society.


  • To transform persons into socially committed, responsible and spiritually inspired citizens, well equipped with wisdom adequately balanced with ethics and to advance the profession of education for the well being of the nation.


  • To harness best resources and develop ethical, entrepreneurial and socially responsible managers committed to the ‘Pursuit of Excellence’ through vibrant experiential learning in a dynamic serene and invigorating environment
  • To disseminate the radiance of management education to the reach of common man who can contribute to the betterment of society
  • To enlighten the minds of participants through innovative and futuristic endeavours


  • In the presence of my parents and teachers, and God Almighty, I take this oath: On this day of formally entering into the valuable profession of Management, I affirm my commitment to my parents and family. I promise to utilise my skills and professional knowledge to efficiently and effectively utilise all forms of resources to the betterment of my motherland and society. I also affirm that I shall follow highest ethical standards, integrity, and moral values in my life and career in business management and I do strongly undertake to protect the natural environment with utmost dedication.