GBS - Girideepam Business School


Giritarang - Our Vibrant Management Association

The relevance of the Maxim ‘Management is contextual and not textual’ is elevated as far as right decision making is concerned, when we look into modern business and corporate world. The upcoming Management professionals are expected to gain hands on experience through activity based learning. ‘GIRITARANG’ is envisaged as an association, fully managed by MBA students’ Committee under faculty supervision and will be organizing events and activities that augment managerial acumen of participants. The student activities of Girideepam Business School will be organized under the aegis of the new management association throughout the academic year. The objectives of the association are as follows:

  1. 1. To promote activity oriented learning programmes in management
  2. 2. To coordinate the Institutional Social Responsibility programmes of GBS MBA
  3. 3. To coordinate the student - parent participation in enriching the learning environment
  4. 4. To promote student research endeavours
  5. 5. To coordinate programmes related to the broader functional areas of management

Students elect committee members for every academic year in the month of June and Managing Committee coordinates the events of Giritarang. Functional clubs in MBA Finance, Marketing, and HR Clubs organize their activities under the aegis of GIRITARANG.