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Management Suproyoga

‘Management Suproyoga’ – Reviewed Bi-Annual Students’ Journal of Management & Commerce (July & January)

Management Suproyoga is a reviewed Bi-Annual Students Journal of Management & Commerce (July & January) published from GBS from the year 2017 onwards.

In a vibrant profession like Management, practical skill development is of utmost importance in the teaching learning process. The students can hone their management acumen only through experiential learning with an element of inquisitiveness, leading to close observation of business environment at the global level. GBS provides an inimitable opportunity to management and commerce students to express their thoughts through writing.The Faculty Members have enormous opportunities to publish their papers in journals and other media. Let our students also express and share their ideas from fresh younger minds…Suproyoga means better practices…

We hope Better Practices in Management is possible through innovative thinking from young minds. The students of Management and Commerce from approved Institutions can write research papers and articles under the guidance of a Faculty Member and send it for publication. There is no publication fee for the journal (Refer to the Guidelines). The authors should submit their articles / papers through the Director / Principal of College. Research Scholars who are Faculty Members of any approved colleges are not eligible for publication in this journal since it is exclusively for students.

We accept articles / research papers from Management / Commerce students of every esteemed Institution.The journal is printed and published by Rev. Dr. Varghese Kaipanaduka OIC, Director & Editor-In-Chief, Girideepam Business School. For more details kindly mail to Dr. Pradeep S, Professor, Head & Editor, Girideepam Business School at or Prof. Shailesh S. Nair, Associate Professor & Managing Editor, Girideepam Business School at

Send your articles / papers to: or

Guidelines for Authors

  • The manuscripts should be typed in double space on one side of A4 size paper in MS Word format, Cambria font style with a size of 12 points & the title of the paper should be in bold and 16 font sizes. All sub-headings must be of 14 font sizes in bold. All manuscripts should be send through e-mail to or
  • All manuscripts should be original and relevant and should be written in English and should not exceed 5000 words. The submitted article / paper should not have been published or submitted elsewhere for publication in both print and online versions.
  • An abstract of 50 – 100 words is required for all papers submitted.
  • Each paper / article should have 3 to 6 key words.
  • For all articles / papers, there can be a maximum of 3 authors. The first and second author, if any, should be students from management / commerce stream and the third author can be a Faculty Member from any approved college / Institution. In case of only two authors, first author should be a student co-authored by one Faculty Member. The first page of the manuscript should contain the title of the paper / article, name of the authors with institution / college and Faculty guide’s name, designation and institution / college. The e-mail of the authors should also be mentioned in the first page.
  • All tables and figures must be captioned and numbered as Table 1, Table 2 and Fig. 1, Fig. 2 respectively. The source (primary data, secondary data) should be mentioned below left to the table.
  • .
  • Referencing should be in APA format and they should be arranged alphabetically and should be complete in all respects.
  • For any copyrighted material, the authors should be accurate in reproduction and they must obtain permission from copyright holders, if necessary.
  • All submitted articles to the journal will be subjected to blind review and authors of accepted articles will receive a letter of acceptance and other appropriate instructions or modifications required. In case of modification required, the authors must send the article / paper after making all changes before the stipulated time.
  • Authors are expected to submit the copyright undertaking once their articles are selected for publication.
  • Articles published in 'Management Suproyoga' should not be reproduced or reprinted in any form, either in full or part, without prior written permission from the Editor.